Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Setting Challenges For Yourself

I just got the idea for this post, came up with a title, and saved it – when I realized that this will be my 300th consecutive blog entry. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but it is an interesting coincidence…

I should also point out that when I started doing this, it was not with the intention of meeting some lofty goal. I just wanted to actively pursue personal growth and see if I could meet the challenge of trying to write something coherent and hopefully meaningful every day. It has been an extremely rewarding experience. It forces me to clarify my thoughts in order to write them down, and be disciplined enough to post something everyday. This process stimulates my mind on so many different levels.

So this blog is a perfect example of setting and adhering to a personal challenge. Every time you set a goal and meet it your sense of self-efficacy increases and you begin to wonder “What can’t I do?” It mandates that you grow as a human being – and therein lies its power.

It forces you to grow in a new direction.

So now if you feel stuck, you know what to do.