Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Selective Hypocrisy

I was thinking about my post yesterday, in particular where I wrote:

“Part of the problem is the dreaded “Nothing is going to change – its been tried before” syndrome. People hold onto their cynicism like grim death.”

Then I realized this is precisely how I feel about our government and the general state of affairs here in the U.S. In my original post I was writing about trying to implement changes in the workplace, and how one must fight against this attitude in others to move forward. But this is precisely my attitude regarding political change. Hmmm… (uncomfortable self-recognition here).

I’m not going to say my attitude about politics is going to change (at least at this moment), but I do need to humbly acknowledge my hypocrisy here. I have made a conscious decision not to discuss politics on this blog, partly because I feel it is a toxic subject that only serves to divide us, when what we need is to respectfully acknowledge our differences and come together. I consider myself apolitical and don’t see that changing anytime soon…

But perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so cynical about humanity’s ability to change. I certainly don’t want to be a rigid old geezer. Life has taught me lessons it would be foolish to ignore, but one should never give up hope. After all, some things do change. I’m just not sure human nature is one of them.