Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


This is a well known pattern for me – some health issue (or issues) comes up (hello surgery number 5 in 8 years), presenting in tandem with some work projects and their deadlines, and presto – everything else just starts to grind to a halt.

The health issues I can’t control – they just have to be dealt with. It’s nothing life-threatening, just constant grim reminders that things are inexorably winding down, and that perhaps I wasn’t dealt the best genetic hand to start with. Ok, let’s just be honest – I’m pretty sure my body is trying to kill me – while at the same time, I’m desperately trying to hold a machine together that just wants to fall apart.

So my body and I are at a standoff – it’s saying we’re winding down here buddy while I’m holding firm, looking back steely-eyed like Clint Eastwood and replying not so fast buster, as long as I have any say in it we’re not going anywhere.

But the real point of this post is this: I’ve got to simplify my life and really pull back from the extraneous things that are distracting me from doing what is really important.


When you’re overwhelmed, make this your mantra.