Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Rolling With Life’s Punches

The term “rolling with the punch,” not surprisingly, comes from boxing – a sport I love deeply. To me, boxing is a metaphor for life. Just as we are born alone, we ultimately live our life by our wits and we die alone, at least in the sense that death is a deeply private and personal experience. There may be others around you at the end, but they are not the one who is dying – you are. Along the way life will deal out some severe punishment, and we will most definitely be hurt badly in the process. How we take it and deal with our pain and adversity is a measure of who we are.

Unlike most sports, and much like life itself, the boxer is alone in the ring, fighting to survive. There are no “team players” upon whom the boxer can rely on for help, there is just him or herself and their opponent. Physical strength is just a small part of what makes a great fighter – the ability to remain cool under pressure and to think while absorbing punishment are equally important, if not more so. See the connection?

To “roll with the punch” means you move your body and your head “with” the punch in order to mitigate it’s destructive power. It’s physics, really – and we can use the same concept in dealing with life’s blows. Be flexible, take whatever punishment life throws at you and don’t fight it – flow with it.

It’s your only chance for surviving and coming out ahead.