Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Rest In Peace, Anthony Bourdain

You didn’t have to watch more than a couple of Anthony’s shows to understand that this was a man who was deeply in touch with the human spirit. His sense of compassion and empathy were palpable. He sought to connect with others on a deeply fundamental level, and, in his own way, seemed to be imploring all of us to do the same.

I loved watching him explore our world, and somehow he made me feel as if I too were part of his journey. He was irascible and profane, a man of the world who suffered no fools. He was rawly human and not afraid to show his vulnerability, as if to say “it’s Ok to be who you are.” By displaying his flawed humanity he made you feel less afraid to show yours. Because, of course, the reality is that we are all flawed.

I’d like to think he was a brave man who did his best to bring us closer together, whether he was aware of it or not. I’ll never know the circumstances that brought about his suicide, nor should I. Some parts of the human condition are privately unknowable.

I’m just grateful for his work. He touched me in a significant way, and I think the world was a better place with him in it. He encouraged real human connection, at a time in our culture where we seem to be in real danger of losing it. I respect the choices he made, and I feel empathy for his suffering.

Thank you my fellow traveler on the road to becoming fully human. As my old teacher used to say, “If you don’t get it right in this life, you’ll just have to come back and keep trying.” I hope you find peace in your journey.