Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Reality Check (Part 2)

You know the person you are at any given point during the day? You know, like when you’re driving your car somewhere and you’re mind is just wandering? That person, my friend, is who you are. Who you really are.

Of course, there are other you’s – versions of who you wish yourself to be, idealized facsimiles of you modeled on your best moments – which, mind you, isn’t nothing. After all – our best moments show us what we are capable of…

But let’s be clear – that’s not really who you are. Nope – who you are is exactly you right now, for better or worse – warts and all. Just a beautiful and imperfect human, stumbling their way to some imaginary place where they hope everything will be alright. Sorry, just sayin’. But here’s the good news:

Once you’ve got that cleared up, you can get on with the business of improving.