Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Random Chaos

This, to me, is both the perplexing yet somehow reassuring fundamental law of our universe. This is the seed from which everything arises – all life, all art, the sum totality of human and universal existence.

Random chaos is the order that drives the engine of creation.

As humans, we crave an explanation that will help us understand that which seems unfathomable. This helps explain the allure of religion throughout human history. “It must all be part of god’s plan…” The problem with this kind of thinking (for me) is this: Not only do I not believe this is rational thinking, I don’t believe this is thinking at all. It’s something we say so we don’t have to think. I don’t believe there is any unifying order in the universe except random chaos, and I certainly don’t believe there is a “god.” I would, however, argue that there is beauty and wonder in random disorder. It’s mysterious and somehow comforting to imagine how random chaos could lead to the creation of such beautifully intricate designs.

I’m not sure why this idea is so offensive and hard to accept for many people. If anything, it reinforces how precious our existence is…