Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Quentin Tarantino (Part 1)

Lessons learned from QT:

  1. Wear your influences proudly – in fact, create your own style based on using your influences in the most obvious way possible. Do this as a way to celebrate their work and expose a new audience to the artists you love.
  2. Use your love for the art that excites you to inspire you to create something that will give your audience the same thrill you felt when you saw this cool shit the first time.
  3. Don’t ever, ever, ever be ashamed of what you love. On the contrary, put a spotlight on it so it’s as obvious as possible.
  4. Make art that obviously turns you on.
  5. Be excited about what you create, and don’t be afraid to tell the world how cool it is.
  6. Hire talented people AND LET THEM DO THEIR THING.
  7. And finally, don’t just draw from one art form – watch for the cool shit in life and find some use for all of it.