Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Personal Ethics, Part 1

What are you willing to do when no one else is watching?

Let’s make this more interesting: Would you let one person die to save a thousand?

Would you kill someone to save a loved one? What about to save a child? How about to save yourself?

If you were a pharmaceutical company performing a final double blind study on a promising cancer drug before going to market, would you give this drug to a dying child on the chance that it might work, forever destroying your one opportunity to test it before treatment and jeopardizing the chance to treat thousands if not millions?

Would you lie to damage someone’s reputation in order to get ahead?

Do you have a strong moral compass to guide you in making these decisions, or do you need an outside force to threaten punishment as a deterrent?

If you have a moral compass, where did you get it? Were you born with it or did society teach it to you?

Do you think you know the answers to these questions as if they were black and white, or do you understand them as existing in a constantly shifting shade of gray?

Sometimes you won’t know the answer until life forces you to make a decision.