Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


When I’m working on something, it’s always on a low simmer in my mind. This is when I’m the happiest – I’m creating something, giving it life, then seeing where it wants to go. It’s the best feeling ever, pretty much everything else seems pale in comparison. I get to walk around thinking about this thing I’m making and it’s my little secret. The fact that no one else gives a shit is really a gift, it allows me to go anywhere in my mind without worrying about how it will be received.

Mind you, I don’t know if what I make is any good by anyone else’s standards, but in the act of making it, it doesn’t really matter. It’s good to me. It makes me feel more alive, it excites me to see where it’s going.

I like to come up with shit and stand back and think “Where did that come from? Or even better, something where I think “Can I even do that? Am I allowed?” Then think “Why the fuck not?

Sometimes I used to worry “What will other people think?” until I realized no one else is really paying attention except me. See, there’s actually a benefit to working in obscurity.

I like living in this little world in my head, where I can make things however I want them to be. I get to create little worlds, and trust me – it’s pretty fucking cool.

You should try it – just let your mind go and see where it wants to take you.