Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Necessary Distraction

Trying to find a good book to read, something to get my mind off this mess between shifts. After starting and stopping a few, I finally found one. It’s a doozy…

“LaBrava” by Elmore Leonard, circa 1983. Drew me right in – I can be sitting in the dirty cafeteria at work, trying to eat and get my mind off the madness of the ER and this goddamn pandemic, and all I’ve got to do is start reading and boom! I’m instantly transported to the underbelly of early ‘80’s Miami, with indelibly written characters right out of a 1950’s film noir. His style is spellbinding – almost the entire novel is written in dialogue.

So right now this is my drug of choice.

Like I’ve said before, sometimes you’ve just got to tune out if the world is making you too crazy and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Nothing wrong with that. Right now, for me, it’s meditation, Elmore Leonard, and the usual vices.

It’s enough.