Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

More on Plot vs Story

I think he’s truly interested in character and behavior, and not so much plot — there’s always a good story, but the characters drive the story rather than the other way. That’s Jim’s timing. He’s a very thoughtful person, and he’s very smart and he’s very funny; his movies are like him.”

– Steve Buscemi on Jim Jarmusch, from the NYT article “How Jim Jarmusch Made an All-Star Indie Zombie Movie,” by Melena Ryzik

There it is again – it’s kind of a looser way to tell a story, ‘cuz if there is one thing that people find more interesting than a good plot it’s other people.

The trick is, they have to be true and compelling. A tall order? – yes – impossible? – no. Jim’s style of storytelling is based entirely on this idea.

And it works quite well, thank you.

At least for him.