Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Modern Day Shaman

Things are getting pretty tense, no? Well, if your anxiety is starting to get away from you, I’ve got a quick fix that’s guaranteed to make you feel better…

“Richard Pryor: Live in Concert” is streaming on Netflix, and to say it has held up as one of the great masterpiece‘s in the history of comedy would be a gross understatement. Watching it again last night, hoping for a relief from pandemic madness, I wasn’t disappointed.

I literally laughed (or at least smiled) for the full 90 minutes – and I’m a jaded comedy fan who had seen it multiple times before, although not in many years. For a comedy special filmed in 1979, I was a bit shocked at how well it aged – with perhaps one exception, it holds up as even in the context of today’s “cancel culture.” That’s how much vulnerable humanity Richard expressed through his comedy.

So return to a shaman of comedy for your dose of just the right medicine. In fact, bookmark it – we’re probably going to have to return for a few more doses before this thing’s over.