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Message From Beyond?

Okay – this doesn’t really fit in with my belief system (or rather the lack there of), but I’d like to think that my mind is open to all possibilities. I’m comfortable with admitting that sometimes I just don’t know.

Two years ago, a very close friend of my wife and I died from cancer. Whenever you lose someone you loved over decades, they are always with you, like shadows in the periphery of your mind.

Two days ago she believes she received a message from him.

When she told me the story of what happened, it was mesmerizing and complex, with lots of unexpected twists involving a third party and complete with a physical message she photographed which immediately disappeared, leaving only a very clear and unambiguous photo. The picture was quite compelling and vivid – there was no question about what you were looking at, the question was how did it get there, what exactly did it mean, and where did it go?

Is it possible (at least for those of us who are paying attention and are sensitive to the world we live in) to receive communications from loved ones who have passed on? I mean, I’m an atheist who doesn’t believe in the afterlife, and yet…

For the many unknowable things in our world, is it perhaps enough to believe, at least until proven wrong, that your best interpretation is true? Perhaps by choosing not to believe in the unknown, we are missing things all around us – things that might enrich and expand our consciousness. We become blind to all the riches life has to offer.

Maybe the good shit is staring us right in the face and we are too blind to see it. It’s all around us – we just need to be open like a child to receive it.