Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Maximizing What You’ve Got

There are things in life we wish we had, and then there are the things we have. The things we wish we had may someday become attainable, or they may not. The things we have, however, are ours right now. By maximizing them, we are taking reality and trying to make the best of it. The problem is, we often don’t place enough value on the things we have, and we place too much value on what is out of reach. What we need here is a little attitude adjustment

First of all, stop for a moment and just be grateful for what you have right now. Seriously – at the very least, if you are reading this, you’re alive. That’s a pretty big thing – You’re not dead yet! See, this is what I mean by reality based thinking – I’m not trying to be morbid, quite the contrary. The reality is that someday we will no longer be alive, and we won’t have the luxury of making decisions and setting goals, or even of just enjoying the simple act of being. Realizing this reinforces the idea of gratitude – you may think you’ve got nothing to be grateful for, but you’re alive – so you would be very, very wrong.

But back to this maximizing thing. All I really mean is don’t try to be something you are not, rather take the things that are uniquely you and make the most of them.

Don’t de-value something because it comes easily to you – it may be very difficult if not impossible for someone else. So if you have something you are good at, develop it.

Maximize what you’ve got.

Your gifts are right in front of you.