Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Making Something Happen

Let’s say you have a good job that’s very difficult but gratifying. It pays well, and you give it everything you’ve got when you’re working – it makes you feel good to do so. Over time you begin to see how you might be able to make things better, so you tentatively start trying to improve something specific. You begin to be rewarded for your efforts both by your peers and your bosses. Things slowly start to change, and you realize you are making something happen. You begin to be approached to work on more projects, and you gradually start to take on more responsibility in the workplace It’s a little intoxicating to see things start to happen, and it’s kind of fun to see what you can do, so you keep doing more…

Then one day you realize you are spending a significant amount of time at home working on projects you have volunteered to do. This signals a time for reassessment – and this is a good thing. One should always be constantly reassessing how time is spent – it’s our most precious commodity.

There is no good or bad here, just a reminder to maintain a vigilant awareness that our resources are limited, and we would be wise to remember this and act accordingly.