Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Make A Commitment And Honor It

I find this is easier to do for the outside world than it is for myself. It’s an intrinsic part of my nature to honor any commitment I make to another person – not fulfilling it is simply not an option. It’s not that I have to complete it for the other party, it’s that I have to complete it for myself. This, of course means that I have to be very cautious about what I commit to…

When it comes to me personally, however, I find that I need to clearly define the commitment I want to make, and sometimes this isn’t as obvious as it might seem.

If I don’t have the goal precisely defined, it’s way too easy to get lost in the weeds, and before you know it, precious time has been lost.

So I guess the lesson here is, if you are struggling getting something done that’s important to you – you need to break it down into clearly defined steps. This is particularly true for large scale projects.

On the other hand, when in doubt, I’m a big fan of just jumping in and figuring it out as I go. Not always the best approach, but at least I’m moving forward. The alternative is to do nothing…