Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Life Starts From Here

I like to write down things that that catch my ear or resonate with me in some way – sometimes they are provocative and make me think about life from a different perspective. This one came from the great Japanese Chef Masa Takayama, it was just something he said off the cuff while talking with Anthony Bourdain on one of his shows, and it really struck me.

As I remember they were sitting around, informally eating, drinking, and hanging out with friends (question: exactly what in life is more important than this?) Chef Masa was probably over 60 when this conversation took place, and during a moment of silence, he said:

“Life starts from here – from now on is the good part.”

When I heard this, I was struggling with the idea of being old. I had survived cancer, but the ordeal kind of took over my life for a few years – and definitely aged me. I had successfully reintegrated myself back into my workplace, but I was having a hard time with my creative life (it’s still an ongoing process). But the way he said it just made me so hopeful.

So much of how we perceive our life is based on how we choose to see it.