Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Just To See If You Can

Sometimes this thought alone is enough fuel to motivate me to try something. I start thinking “Hmm – I wonder if I could do that?” It’s always been part of my natural personality, but I’ve recently noticed something interesting. In the past I would look at these challenges as a personal thing that really meant nothing to anyone but myself. But I’ve discovered that if the thing you are trying to do might benefit others, it can really take on a power of its own and truly become a “win win” situation.

It can be kind of weird though, because to a third party it might look like “Oh, what an altruistic person, devoting his own time for the benefit of others.” When in reality it was just your own desire to test yourself and see if you could do something.

It’s like you get a double bang for your buck – the personal thrill of pushing yourself to see what you can do, and then the satisfaction (if you can pull it off) of helping others!