Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

It’s Important To Suck At Something

This is a really, really¬†crucial point. Because, the thing is, if you only do things that you are good at, you’re not really growing. This is especially true for things that we love and for which we have achieved a high degree of competency. Once you’ve achieved the status of expert, then it it’s just a question of becoming better and refining what you have already mastered. But this isn’t really growing – to really grow, I would argue that you actually need to learn something totally new. And when you begin the process of learning something new – you will 100% suck at it. This is a good thing – in fact, this is exactly where you want to be! Pathetically horrible – that’s what we’re going for.

This is how you remain vibrant and alive, this is how you remain young – you never stop learning. You never become afraid of sucking at something, of looking foolish. Because that’s where the fun is. Seeing yourself slowly get better at something you couldn’t do but wanted to is fucking thrilling.