Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

It’s a Paradox

Artists make art. Not because they hope to make money or become famous — just because they have an unexplainable compulsion to express something.

From the perspective of evolutionary biology, it makes absolutely no sense. Nonetheless, it’s a thing. A human thing.

Now, even though the artist’s motivation is not fame and fortune, they of course want other humans to see it, to get the same joy and meaning out of it they did when they created it.

Invariably, this isn’t the case. This is just how life works, and it’s certainly not a value judgment on the merits of whatever art is on the table. Art is a subjective thing — why it may or may not resonate with another human is a mystery.

Understandably, this can be a source of distress for the artist. Why don’t other people see how cool this is? Wait a minute, is this really shite and I’m misguided?

No, you are not misguided. It is as great as you think it is, at least to you. But here’s the point of this post: You want to know the best way to deal with rejection?

Go back and make more art.

It’s what you really wanted to do anyway.