Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

It Had to Happen Sooner or Later


Against all odds, I somehow made it five years without COVID, Flu, RSV, or even a cold.

Until yesterday. Whatever’s got me under the weather, it’s not COVID, and certainly nothing serious. Just annoying as fuck.

But let’s take a moment to appreciate my rather remarkable run of good luck. I don’t think it can be attributed to some kind of super-powered immune system, although I do think mine is robust. As an ER nurse, I’m constantly exposed to every respiratory virus known to man. Four years ago, I worked the front lines of one of the hardest-hit ERs in NYC during the first wave of the COVID pandemic. No need to rehash any of that now except to say that I’ve worn an N95 mask at work from March 11, 2020, until today.

More specifically, I put on my N95 in the parking lot at work and only take it off to eat (by myself) and go to the bathroom (where I rehydrate). Other than that it stays on until I walk out into the ambulance bay at the end of my shift.

Masking is why I haven’t gotten an upper respiratory viral infection for five years. This cold (or whatever it is) was probably picked up at the gym, where I no longer mask, so it’s just an inevitable annoyance of being alive.

But my five-year streak has to be the longest cold-free stretch of my life and should be celebrated. Just saying that is starting to make me feel better already.