Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Internal Narrative

You may not think you have one – but you do. The real question is: What is it telling you?

See, your internal narrative is constantly observing the world and interpreting what it sees. It’s possible to have control over this process, but it takes work.

This subconcious dialog can be functional, or dysfunctional – often, the pattern is set early on in life, and just keeps playing over and over again unless you conciously work to change it.

Anyone who has undergone cognitive behavioral therapy will be familiar with this. CBT is used to treat many disorders; depression and PTSD are two. The process in the beginning (which can go on for a long time) is simple. One writes down one’s thoughts and then reads them. Are they true or distorted? It turns out to be remarkably easy to make this judgement, because irrational, distorted thinking is immediately obvious when it’s written down.

The process of constantly analyzing one’s thoughts is the first step in changing your internal narrative. It’s an incredibly powerful and simple idea that happens to work.

What’s your internal narrative telling you?