Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

In Praise Of Casually Superficial Friendships

OK, I know you might be thinking “WTF!?” here, but before you bail, first hear me out…

If we’re being honest with ourselves, deep down we know that most, if not all of our friendships are somewhat superficial – at least in sense of ever really knowing and deeply caring for someone without judgment. I’m honestly not sure that humans are that good.

But I don’t mean to sound too dark here, on the contrary, I think these casually superficial friendships are the glue that binds society together. They provide more than enough support to sustain and meet the emotional needs of most humans. We are all tremendously flawed creatures and I think it’s unreasonable to expect anyone to willingly take on the whole matzoh ball without choking. And really, do you need that? Isn’t it enough to simply be pleasant and supportive of each other in our day to day lives?

If you have even one person who can take on the whole package, much less two or three in your lifetime, you’re a very rich person indeed.

So let’s celebrate and be thankful for our friendships that may not be quite as deep as we would like to think.

Humans can be quite cruel and nasty creatures – let’s not expect too much of them. After all, how much should they expect from you?

I like to try and surprise them by going past that point – but I acknowledge that I have my limits too.