Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Important Note (Part 1)

If you’re creative, most people are not going to particularly like what you do. You mustn’t let this diminish your love for whatever it is you’ve made, they’re not secretly telling you how much you suck – they’re just indifferent. This is normal.

I recently listened to the author Ben Mezrich interviewed on Brian Koppleman’s podcast “The Moment,” and he talked about being rejected by hundreds of publishers, for multiple books he’d written before finally publishing something. Brian asked him How did you deal with all that rejection, how’d you keep going?

Ben replied, cheerfully and without hesitation: I knew they were all wrong. And I’m still convinced that every book I wrote that was rejected, could, under the right circumstances, be a best seller.

To state the obvious: everyone’s not going to get it.

Maybe your audience is really small, maybe it’s just you, it doesn’t really matter. All that really matters is that you keep learning, growing, and creating.

That’s the key, because when you stop doing that, life stops.