Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

I’m Not Superman

Somehow, in my mind, I think I can accomplish way more than I can. Apparently I believe there are endless hours to each day, giving me all the time in the world to accomplish my goals. I somehow believe I can pursue multiple disciplines on a serious level, as if time were limitless. Of course I don’t really think I’m Superman, far from it. But from the way I think about the things I want to do, it might appear that way.

The reality of life is that even the most mundane bullshit is time consuming. Just sleeping, eating, and maintaining our bodies takes up a huge chunk of the day. Add regular exercise and you have another big time commitment. Maybe you need to devote some extra time each day to repairing damage incurred to your body from your cancer treatment.

If you are seriously curious and want to constantly investigate and learn new things, there’s another big time hole. And if you want to do something on a high level, you’d better be prepared to devote a lot of time and personal resources to it.

For example, let’s look at music. First of all, are we talking about playing an instrument? If you are going to do it on even a casual level, you’re going to need to practice. Play more than one instrument? More time needed.

Write music? More time. Recording? Lots to learn and work on there – DAWs and music software are extremely sophisticated tools that require study and practice to master. And if you’re writing music and recording it, you better study arranging too. Of course, everything is in the box, so you’ll have plenty of software recreating what used to be called a recording studio to learn.

Maybe you’re interested in learning another language? More time needed Mister…

Oh, let’s not forget about your other professional career, there’s lots to learn there.

Don’t forget time to just let your mind wander.

And you better be cultivating your personal relationships or they’ll wither away.

And WTF am I doing as I write this blog post? I’m at the gym of course – trying to stave off sarcopenia, a natural consequence of aging…