Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

How to Get Better at Art (Or Anything Else)

Step 1) Jump in and go for it. Become intoxicated by your excitement. Love every fucking minute of it.

Step 2) Realize you suck, but don’t let that deter you…

Step 3) Start studying the shit that inspired you to go down this road in the first place. Take it apart and try to figure out how they did it.

Step 4) Keep working at the craft, day in, day out. Never let up.

Step 5) When professionals critique your work, use your emotional response as fuel to push harder. Then analyze their comments unemotionally, address the ones that seem legitimate, and discard the rest.

Step 6) Whenever someone tells you how much better you’re getting, take a moment to appreciate it. Your hard work got you here.

Step 7) Keep going through this list, disregarding step 2. You no longer suck.

Maybe, just maybe, if you started out with a modicum of talent for whatever it is you’re trying to do, you’ll become great at it. But if the simple act of going for it fills you with joy, then you’ve already won. Your voice will eventually emerge, and it will be yours and yours alone. Spend the rest of your days making art and die knowing you lived creating cool shit. It all ends up in the dustbin of eternity anyway.

The world always needs more art. Roll up your sleeves and get to it.