Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


I know I use this word a lot, but here’s the thing – it truly reflects how I feel. It’s good to stop and remind yourself how many things you have to be grateful for, especially if you’re feeling shitty.

So let’s see…

  1. I met my soul mate at 27 and we’re still together and in love after 34 years.
  2. I didn’t die of cancer at 54.
  3. I didn’t die of sepsis at 58.
  4. My brain is still firing on all cylinders and I’m as close to ripped as a 61 year old can be.
  5. I have at least 3 friends I could count on to have my back, for real, no questions asked.
  6. Although I just lost him, I had perhaps the best all-around dog in the history of the world ever (my previous dogs were all special too – in their own way).
  7. I have a job I love, where I actually get paid to help sick people – and where, every once in a while, I get to be part of a team that saves someone’s life.
  8. I very much like the people I work with.
  9. I had a childhood that taught me to be very resourceful, independent, and resilient.
  10. Did I mention I am alive?