Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

For The Love Of God And All Things Holy

There is a special place in hell for those who choose to edit out “curse” words when distributing creative content. Seriously, stop it – that’s enough.

This is America for christ’s sake – one of the most violent and nihilistic places on earth. Everyone here is armed to the teeth and primed to kill at the drop of a hat. In fact, we believe god wants us to kill, and we celebrate mass murder and use each atrocity as a national reminder to buy more guns (because, you know, you can never have too many).

As if somehow hearing someone say “fuck” on television would bring the whole thing down like a house of cards. Like our delicate sensibilities just couldn’t handle it. The hypocrisy is fucking maddening.

If I am watching (or listening) to something, the first “bleep” I hear will also be my last, because I am out. It is insulting and infuriating on at least three levels:

  • First, I am a fucking adult and I don’t need a goddamn nanny protecting my ears. I have heard and used these words on a daily basis since I was old enough to remember and I’m pretty sure you could say the same.
  • Secondly, you are censoring art you fucking sanctimonious prick. If I am watching “Full Metal Jacket” and it’s censored I don’t know whether to scream or weep. I recently listened to a podcast that was “bleeped.” It’s just sad.
  • And thirdly ( in case you haven’t already noticed it) I like swearing. Curse words are good words – important words to be be used for color and dramatic effect. Excellent words for expressing humorous points. There’s a reason why every language has them.

Now I’m not saying they should be used indiscriminately, but, I mean, really? Children are using these words as soon as they begin speaking.

If you are offended, fair enough – just leave. No one is making you listen or read or watch anything. But don’t ruin it for the rest of us who are adults.

For gods sake let us have our motherfucking fun.