Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Firing On Two Cylinders

It’s amazing how many things in life can throw you off your game – as you get older this gets even more precarious. But the real wild card is your health – anything that goes wrong there will have a negative chain reaction that ripples out through the whole system.

I’m just coming off a six day excursion into the land of some viciously virulent respiratory virus that effectively shut my system down. I don’t just mean I’ve been in bed sick, I mean my brain is still reeling from being out of commission. My body feels weak as a kitten and my mind is sputtering like a two-stroke single cylinder engine with bad gas.

But here I am back at the gym, gingerly trying to jumpstart this aging but not broken machine. One small step at a time and soon I’ll be back firing on all cylinders.

I’m just grateful it was the flu and not the big one. I know it’s coming, just not now – but eventually it’ll get here.

In the meantime I’ve gotta get this machine back up and running. I’ve got shit to do.