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Entheogenic Revolution (Part 1)

Were you aware of the current clinical research and therapeutic application of psychedelic drugs? Neither was I, at least not until I read Michael Pollan‘s unbelievably engaging and appropriately mind-blowing book “How to Change Your Mind.” I found his writing so exciting I actually slowed down to make it last longer!

I will be thinking about and processing this material for a quite a while – it was that provocative and deep. For example, I had no idea that psychedelic therapy has been used successfully to treat end-of-life existential crisis in metastatic cancer patients. Apparently a single session of high dose psilocybin, in a controlled environment (set and setting are key), combined with therapy both pre & post administration, has been shown to have significant effects mitigating the psychological trauma of impending death.

In other words, it provided comfort and an understanding of ones place in the universe in a way that helped the individual process and accept their own death. As an atheist and cancer survivor, this leaves me dumbfounded and very, very excited. What are we to make of this?

I guess I’m late to the party because a quick search brought up this article from 2012: “How Psychedelic Drugs can help Patients Face Death.”

I’ve got a thousand questions...