Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Diminishing Expectations

Try as you might, it gets harder and harder to stay positive as you get older. You get to a certain age and start to ask yourself, “Is this it? How much can people really change, or do we just keep doing the same hateful, stupid shit forever?

’Cuz when you’re older, you realize the same terrible things keep playing out over and over. Sure, some changes happen – but it seems as if stupid and mean never go away. Like it’s hardwired into our DNA.

When it comes to humanity, I’ve always struggled to be positive but human behavior keeps making me cynical. I mean, you have to try to be hopeful – the problem is, it’s not long before something terrible happens that reminds you what murderous chimps we really are. And then you realize its been this way all along.

Don’t get me wrong, humans have created and achieved some incredible things, and we are capable of empathy. But it seems in our hearts there’s a darkness that never goes away, and I’m not sure it ever will. And just to be clear: I’m as guilty as the next person.

Which is why I always try to focus on how I’m living my life, sincerely trying to do the right thing, treating others with dignity and respect. Working to be a better person.

At the end of the day, that’s all I’ve got. It may not be much, but it’s something.

Just be kind to each other. It shouldn’t be that hard.