Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Cultural Flux

Everything evolves; cultural identities, social behavioral expectations, accepted ways of addressing past wrongs. In the context of explosively confrontational social media, it can all be confusing and intimidating. One might be forgiven for thinking, “Where do I start?”

The thing is, the only thing new about these changes are the speed at which they’re happening, and the bullying mob-mentality of online social networks.

Here’s my approach: just start from a position of humbleness, kindness, and respect. When you inevitably get something wrong, admit it, apologize, and move on. Lesson learned. Won’t make that mistake again.

With Twitter mobs eager to burn the next person at the stake, it can seem pretty scary out there. But when cultural norms shift, there’s always going to be a rocky start. So don’t get all grumpy and cling to “the old ways.”

This is how things change and get better.

If you feel like resisting, just remind yourself that adapting is what humans do best.