Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


Let me say at the outset that I am not a conspiracy kind of guy. I could be wrong, but the whole thing just seems like a colossal waste of time. The conspiracy usually involves a “cover up” of some massive event, which right away sends up a red flag. People talk – there just is no way that someone wouldn’t open their yap over decades about some nefarious cover up. People just aren’t that good at keeping their mouth shut. Then there’s the idea that a large (or even a small) group of people have pulled off a master plan that somehow duped the whole world for some brilliantly evil purpose. Really? We’re talking about humans here, right?

Then there is the absolutely ridiculous nature of these “conspiracies” – the moon landing hoax, the government blowing up the World Trade Center, the “flat earth” theory, the Kennedy assassination for christ’s sake. I mean, aren’t there better ways to spend your time? Like, say, living a life?

Look, I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, and like I said, I could be wrong, god knows it wouldn’t be the first time. But I’ve lived 60 years, and I’ve been paying attention, and this stuff isn’t how life works. Sometimes you’ve just got to move on folks…

However, if it’s your preferred form of entertainment, that’s cool. Please continue and by all means have a good time. Just recognize it as such, and don’t expect the rest of us to be amused.

We’re not.