Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Character Notes (Part 1)

She was the kind of woman grown men would cut a wide swath to avoid. Attractive with an air about her that spelled danger, in bright red neon.

Funny, but the kind of funny that could turn dangerous real quick – murderous even. Something about her eyes seemed unstable, like a bomb that was poorly made and might explode unexpectedly.

You know how animals can sense danger from a subtle change in their environment? That’s how she changed whatever environment she was in. Young, old, weak, strong, dim or smart, male or female – it didn’t matter. Everyone knew that this was one fight you didn’t want to pick.

All instincts said: don’t look her in the eyes – just back away slowly.

Some people are like that, it’s got nothing to do with size or strength. They were just born dangerous.