Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Bypassing the Ego

Important point: If you are trying to express yourself, or tune into the mysterious place where all creative ideas exist, you’ve got to somehow get the ego out of the way – because, make no mistake, it will prevent you from doing your best work.

Case in point: Singing – more specifically, recording your singing. If you think, for even a second, that what’s coming out of your mouth is you, you are fucked. You in this case is your ego, your sense of self, and it’s very presence will insure that you will always be self-conscious about what you are doing.

What you must somehow do instead is just let go – be a vessel for whatever is about to happen. Get out of the fucking way.

This is true for any creative endeavor: acting, writing, composing, painting, cooking, programming, etc. Practice, study and prepare yourself, but when the time comes to actually make something, open yourself up and just go.

It can be scary – but you must be fearless and not afraid to look foolish. Your fear is your ego talking…