Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Brian Eno, Part 2

I found this transcription of a lecture Brian Eno gave in 1979 that is just full of provocative ideas. He is such a thoughtful, intelligent artist – even though this is almost 40 years old, he was so ahead of his time that these concepts are still relevant. Of course, great artists, like great art, are always relevant. Art is not constrained by style.

The Studio as a Compositional Tool.”

If anything, his observations and musings about the possibilities of multitrack recordings – specifically the idea of using the studio as a compositional tool – articulated the groundwork for the sampling revolution to come.

But more importantly (to me), he was one of the first undeniable artists who used technology as their instrument, all the while pointing out how little he knew about any of this.

That’s the thing about artists – they just make art. They don’t care whether they are “qualified” to do it, they don’t ask anyone’s permission to do it – they just have ideas and execute them with whatever tools they have.