Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Billy’s Bad Day

Billy had a bad day
Went home and got his gun
The whole world was laughing
Time for Billy to have some fun

Shoot out all the street lights
Shoot at all the cars
Shoot at all the people
Through their cold, cold hearts

Don’t want no mean old friends
In this dirty old town
This boy is real unhappy
He’s a killing clown

Big bloated raisins
Drying in the sun
Some happy damn people
Havin’ all the fun

Time to play with baby
Time to take out all the trash
Time for daddy to get his gun now
And make a big red splash

Billy made a boo boo
Made a big fuckin’ mess
But don’t be mad at Billy
He’s just trying to do his best

So look out all you bad boys
All you bad girls watch it too
’Cuz Billy’s had a bad day
And he’s comin’ after you

From “Darkness in the Heart of Your Soul,” ©1999 David Thomas Peacock