Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Being In The Moment

Whenever I start to think “What’s the meaning of it all?” this is really the answer I should be looking for. Don’t worry about the meaning, you’ll never figure it out anyway. No, the answer is to stop thinking and just be. Like literally stop thinking and just be in the moment of whatever it is you’re doing.

But I made this great thing and now what am I supposed to do with it?” Nothing is probably the correct answer – you already had a shit-ton of fun just making it. Isn’t that enough? Does everything have to be validated by other people before it can be good?

Henry Darger made a lifetimes worth of bizarre, highly idiosyncratic art that he apparently never showed to anyone. After he died, his landlord found it and within a few years art galleries were selling it for obscene amounts of money. He was a hospital custodian who lived alone, with no family or children. Just him and his art.

You could look at this one of two ways: 1) How sad, tragic and lonely poor old Henry was, or 2) Imagine how much fun Henry had making all that cool shit.

I’m going with number two. I think Henry just lived in the moment – he created the world he wanted to live in.