Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Be Proud Of Your Influences

There should be no such thing as “guilty pleasures.” Wave your pleasures like a flag, proudly. Especially if other people think they’re stupid. Own them like they are the coolest thing in the world – because, to you, they are.

This is one of the things I love about Quentin Tarantino – he wears his influences on his sleeve. They are so specific, yet somehow he weaves them into a very unique form of artistic expression.

He is not afraid to acknowledge his absolute love of the what (at the time it was made) was most definitely seen as “trashy” pop entertainment. On the contrary, he incorporates these influences in such a way that it is exactly clear he wants you to know what they are. I thought Al Hirt was the dumbest lowest common denominator pop trumpet player ever yet there is no denying the coolness of the “Flight of the Bumblebee” sequence in “Kill Bill.”  Of course this version was also used as the theme song to “The Green Hornet,” a bad 1960’s TV show that featured Bruce Lee as the sidekick “Kato.” The pop culture “Kung Fu” references just keep piling up in this film but it is never irritating or contrived – on the contrary, I think it’s so compelling precisely because Quentin loves this shit so much. This movie is a veritable masterpiece of lowbrow pop art influences woven into the coolest and most ridiculously over the top art film ever. Quentin throws everything he loves into his films and it makes viewing them a kinetic experience, like riding a roller coaster. They are all made up of very specific pop culture influences but put together in such a way that they seem wholly original. Have a foot fetish? Don’t be coy son, pack your films with close ups of women’s feet!

I think the lesson here is celebrate the things you love.