Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed


This is something I consistently struggle with in my life. I’ve never been good at balancing multiple projects, primarily because whatever I am working on at any given moment is the most important thing I am doing – I commit to it 100%. The good news about this approach is that I always do the best work I am capable of, the bad news is that it’s hard to split your attention if everything you’re working on is treated as a DEFCON 1.

Here’s the thing – sometimes we all get involved in time limited projects that can take over our life. School is a good example of this; once you make a commitment to it there’s no turning back. But you also know that no matter how all encompassing it becomes, there will come a point where it’s over. The problem for me is that I sometimes get involved in too many projects, and neglect other things that are important to me.

What’s the lesson here? Be careful what you say “yes” to. Time is precious and you’re not getting any of it back…