Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Art as a Metaphor

Sometimes people get caught up in the plausibility of a story, both in film and print. This is a big mistake, and is kind of missing the whole point of art.

It’s not meant to be taken literally, it’s meant to trigger a response, to make you think about the possibilities, to see the world in a different way. Scientists can sometimes (though not always) be the least imaginative – their thought process is too literal. Art isn’t meant to be literal, so there can be a rather large disconnect.

To appreciate art requires that you open yourself up to possibility – to suspend belief. If you look at art and think well that could never happen or that’s not possible then you’ve missed the experience due to your own lack of imagination, or at least your refusal to use it.

Mind you, a lot of art just isn’t going to resonate with everyone – I’m not talking about that.

I’m just saying that great art doesn’t have to make sense, and if you think it does you need to go back and look at with the innocence of a child. Then process that experience with your adult brain and grow.