Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

Anecdotal NYC COVID Update

Things definitely seem to have plateaued, at least for the time being in my ER. We also have the added bonus of nurse travelers (contract workers hired for a limited time), brought in to fill low staffing caused by nurses out with the virus.

There’s still no testing unless you’re out sick with COVID like symptoms, and serology testing hasn’t yet begun. Although I am particularly curious about the latter, I realize that testing positive for antibodies is still not well understood. It would certainly seem to indicate that exposure to the virus had triggered an immune response, but whether that means one has inferred immunity isn’t clear.

Regardless, the message here seems clear: Quarantines workstay home!

Addendum: NYC has seemed particularly compliant with the quarantine, which I suspect has led to this apparent plateau. This could all change with relaxed social isolation restrictions.