Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

A Long Time Ago (Part 1)

When you’re a little kid, of course you feel vulnerable. You can’t live on your own and you realize you’re impossibly weak compared to adults, so you have no way to protect yourself apart from your wits.

But their comes a day, a glorious day, where you realize the tables have turned. Now you can scare them. You still couldn’t support yourself and live on your own, but you’re no longer physically vulnerable. This is where things become impossibly unstable. This is where everything changes. No one’s quite sure who’s in charge.

All the hurt is now rage, and someone’s going to pay. You were just smart enough to know where to unleash it – on the people who were supposed to be responsible for taking care of you. The ones who thought nothing of beating or neglecting you. The ones who were supposed to love you.

Now it was payback time – but because I was still a kid, I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew this shit was going to stop.

The problem was, it would never stop. You’d carry those scars the rest of your life. It almost killed me – but I was lucky enough to find someone who loved me and got me help. Someone who stood beside me know matter how ugly I got.

And you know what?

Love works.