Fail, fail, fail, fail, succeed

A Little Doubt, A Little Confusion, and A Little Fear

Jeopardy answer: How do you control a large segment of the population?

What I am about about to say is so disgustingly obvious – but here we go… For everyone involved in shaping what sadly accounts for our current political discourse – how do I put this? The con you are attempting to perpetrate is completely transparent to anyone who is really thinking rationally. Yeah, and don’t think that we don’t know who you are – you can be goddamn sure you’re not fooling everyone. Of course I’m under no illusion that anyone in power is actually reading this, and I’m quite sure it would make no difference if they were. I’m just venting here (and if I can’t vent of my own blog – where am I supposed to?).

Anyway, this is the dumbest and most predictable con ever – but it keeps being used simply because it’s so effective. What’s the old adage? You’ll never go broke underestimating the American people? Yeah, that about says it – and it also explains why I’ve checked out of the American political system. Really – I’ve had more than enough. This is all a sad and prolonged tragic joke – a very long and successful swindle designed for the lower half of the bell curve, but I guess that’s enough for your bullshit to work. Taking advantage of those least able to recognize your game is surely an indicator of your moral bankruptcy.

I’m sad to say that I fully realize there’s nothing I can do to rectify this situation, and frankly I’ve got better things to do with the final act of my life than to pretend I’m even remotely interested in engaging with this bullshit.

So to all you would be Elmer Gantry’s out there – I’m not impressed, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Go sell your bullshit to someone who either actually cares, or is dumb enough to fall for it. God knows I’m not perfect but at least I’m trying to do the right thing. So here’s my message to you: Go fuck yourself – I’ve got other more important things to do in my limited time left.

Like maybe actually helping someone.