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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Good Lines (Part 2)

” It’s not just that no matter how often you sort and pick through the story, alongside your parents and your sister and everyone else, you can’t help but find yourself, against your better nature, feeling the big sway and spin of the cosmos—the dark eternal matter of the stars, which, however isotropic or evenly balanced, seem, when you think of him, to be moving in a circular pattern that reminds you that the nurse explained, each time, during each pre-visit orientation, that part of the healing process was to step off the merry-go-round and never step back on.”

– David Means

Good Lines (Part 1)

“Booker Langston Whitehouse sat in his overheated office and wiped the flop sweat stinging his eyes. Or was it tears? He couldn’t be sure.”

– This one’s mine, looking for a home

I Like Words

Look, I’m going to put one here. And another one here.

This one’s funny. This one’s sad. Whee!

I can put them wherever I like. Not saying there’re great, mind you.

But they’re fucking mine.

So yeah, there’s that.

Predictive Modeling

So if our brain makes predictions based on a model created from prior experience, would it not stand to reason that if the model is faulty, the prediction would be faulty as well?

On a deeply personal level, this would explain a lot.